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    Old fashion printed business cards are limited only to your contact details, Next Gen Smart E-Biz Cards are total expression of yourself, your business, your portfolio and everything that you need to share with the public
    E BiZ Card - A show case of your business
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    E-biz card is the best way to improve your online presence, get visible to your customers and outstand your competitors!
    Improve your online presence with e biz profile
  • Echo Friendly Alternative To
    Printed Business Card

    Small steps counts! Stop using your printed business card that uses papers and ink, go smart and echo friendly by using E-business Cards
    Echo Friendly Alternative To Printed Business Card
E-Biz profile

Advantages of using E BiZ profile

What is a Business card?

Before we consider E BiZ profile it’s better to few facts about the traditional printed business cards and Vcards. When we are introducing ourselves to someone else, or sharing another person’s contact with another person, we are used to using a printed business card. Normally with our name, email, address, and company logo will be printed on it. With printed business cards the world faces many issues like,

  • You forgot to re-fill the cards in your wallet so you don’t have cards to give to the next customer

  • When something wrong or changed, like a mobile number or address, then you have to put all the printed business cards into the trash and re-print a whole lot of them.

  • It will always be limited to very few details about you and your business.

  • Often customers will lose those cards or forgot in their pockets so you will never get contacted by them and leads to the loss of business.

What is Virtual Business Card?

To address the above-mentioned issues, the world tends to create an online version of the business cards. with that virtual business card, you can easily share it whenever you need it without limitations. If you send your Vcard via a text message then it will not get lost like a printed card. So your customers can find you whenever they need you.

What is E BiZ profile?

Actually E BiZ profile is the extended version of the vcard or the Virtual Business Card. E BiZ profile will make it easy to share your contact and as well as to be saved in your customer’s mobile. With E BiZ profile, when someone receives your profile link, they can simply click on the “Save to Phone” button and the application will download a vcf file with all your contact details and images.

With E BiZ profile you can update about yourself, your education and other social media links as well. So you can give you an in-detailed view of yourself to your customers.

Also, you can update your business details as well. Company contact details, description, address with google map directions and most importantly you can add up to 5 links of your portfolio. So when a customer comes to your profile it will not just a vcard or virtual business card. It will be a total expression of yourself and your business. That will increase the chances of getting more businesses and customer attractions.

Either you have a personal/business website or not, if you start using this E BiZ profile it will improve your online presence.

As you can put your personal/business website links in the E BiZ profile, you will get backlinks to your website and eventually improve your website search engine availability and the rank.

If you don’t have a personal/business website and only stick to use printed business cards, then your details or business details will never be available online, but if you start using E BiZ profile then it will bring a new face to yourself and your business that all the search engines like google, yahoo and bing can find. This will lead you to get more and more customer engagements.


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